HyperFund is growing at an unbelievable rate and more and more people are "jumping on the bandwagon" and inviting people left, right, and center.
We have an advantage over others in that we, at NO COST help you build your income OVER AND ABOVE the incredible rewards that HyperFund provides!

We do this in the following ways:

  • Structural Guidance and Assistance
  • Team building assistance.


For those who wish to enjoy the extra income from HyperFunds unique compensation plan for referring others, we assist by providing:

  • Building of personalised marketing websites.

There is no better way to build a team than having a website dedicated to the task.

We will build a personalised website, worth many thousands of rands for you FREE OF CHARGE.

  • Personal telephonic to individuals interested in joining HyperFund.

We will speak to anyone you have referred and explain the rewards obtainable from HyperFund on your behalf. Consider us as your personal sales team!

  • Zoom presentations.

You can refer your clients to our Zoom presentations.

  • Ab-initio assistance

Apart from the above, we also assist people who are brand new to the crypto industry (or who may need assistance setting up a HyperFund membership by:
  1. Setting up a crypto exchange.
  2. Setting up the HyperFund account.
  3. Providing Team Viewer / Anydesk assistance on desktop/laptop computers.
HyperFund Further Information Request
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