Your first step

The first step you need to take after registering is to set up a Bitcoin trading account.  We suggest using Altcoin as you are able to purchase USDT which is needed for HyperFund with them.

When you wish to withdraw from HyperFund, you will need to have an account at OKEx.

Altcoin Tutorial

HOO Tutorial

How to Deposit Your Assets on Hoo.com

How to Withdraw Your Assets on Hoo.com

  1. Login to your account on the HOO website.

  2. Open MY ASSETS, search for MOF, and click on it.

  3. Your MOF deposit address is found in the right-hand pane and looks like this: 0x0063a369f239fae3d468e60606a82d5fbfa654be.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can ONLY deposit MOF into this account.

You can also enter your address through QR code.

Once you have successfully transferred MOF to your HOO MOF Deposit address:

Login Hoo.com website.

  1. Check that your MOF deposit has arrived by Clicking “My Assets” and your MOF asset will show.
  2. You now must convert your MOF to USDT:
  3. Go to Exchange, select Spot Trading, search for MOF/USDT pairing.
  4. Bottom of the page, go to the right side for “SELL MOF.”
  5. Select highest green pairing, go back to “sell MOF”, input your available MOF, select sell, and wait for pending order to resolve.
  6. Go back to My Assets, USDT should be showing.
  7. Go back to the exchange
  8. Transfer back to BALANCE ACCOUNT by clicking the Green Transfer button directly below the trading graph.
  9. Transfer from Spot to Balance.
  10. Open MY ASSETS page again and click on USDT and see the balance.
  11. Go to WITHDRAW on your right.
  12. Make sure you click ERC20
  13. Enter your Altcoin or HyperCard deposit account address.
  14. Complete all security checks.

Understanding Hyper Capital

The following videos will help you understand how to set up and operate your Hyper Capital account.

HyperFund Coporate Overview

The Next Revolution

Step 1 Download The App & Register Your Account

Step 2 How To Fund Your Account

Step 3 How To Use Your App

Step 4 How To Withdraw Your Rewards

Tutorial using the Merge Function

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Additional useful information

The following videos will help you understand the Blockchain and assist with MLM marketing.

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