HyperFund Additional Info

HyperFund provides regular ZOOM seminars for you to attend.

Opportunity Overview – Keith Williams
*Password: 1991*https://zoom.us/j/93378659918

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Corporate Presentation – Kalpesh Patelhttps://us02web.zoom.us/j/82400040371?pwd=S25Jd0ZpMXAvbzI1aERWVHltK05yUT09

Meeting ID: 824 0004 0371
Passcode: july13

(07:30 SA Time)

Password: 2020

Opportunity Overview- Keith Williams
*Password: 1991*

Technical Training – Keith Williams & Amanda Lee

1st Slot Time: 10am BST, 11am CET, 5am EDT, 5pm HKT
2nd Slot Time: 2pm BST, 3pm CET 9am EDT, 9pm HKT
*Password: 1991*

Leadership Training – Keith & Kalpesh
Time: 3pm BST, 4pm CET, 10am EDT, 10pm HKT
*Password: 1991*

The cost of the HyperFund Global Memberships

You can join the Hyperfund by purchasing memberships for $300, $500, or $1 000.

There is no limit to the number of memberships you can buy.

Memberships can ONLY be paid for in USDT (Tether), which is a stable crypto coin linked to the US dollar.

HyperFund uses the description HU when selecting memberships where 1 HU = 1 USD.

Daily rewards commence upon the activation of your membership.

Every time 50 HU is reached in your reward account, you have the option to rebuy A 50HU membership OR can be redeemed for digital currency.

Rewards are easily converted and withdrawn and can be easily converted to any mainstream cryptocurrency eg Bitcoin, USDT, Ethereum etc.

The Hyperfund Global accelerated rewards plan is explained in the weekly Zoom calls and in the Training sessions on Saturdays as listed above.

Everything in the Hypercommunity ecosystem is structured intentionally with the purpose of sustainability and is aimed at building a powerful community around innovative products, with the ultimate goal being the mass adoption of digital assets worldwide and the transforming of people’s lives through the new digital economy.

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