Get Started with Hyper Capital


There are two ways to get involved:

1.  Member (Investor only)

You can just invest – enjoying upwards of 15% per month in a convertible bond structure and dividends which can be compounded, providing you with even greater earnings.

2.  Member (Investor) and Affiliate (Team builder)

You can be an investor and an affiliate – enjoying upwards of 15% per month plus accelerated and bonus rewards for sharing with others. By sharing the opportunity, you can access your dividend rewards faster giving you even more than 15% per month. You set the pace!

STEP 1 Registering with HyperFund

You can register on your PC or download the HyperFund App onto your phone and register there.

We have many videos that will guide you, and we also provide a step by step process for you to follow.

We do leave you to your own devices but guide you every step of the way.

You can watch a video describing the process as well as follow the step-by-step process detailed hereunder.

Computer registration


NOTE: Email verification can sometimes go to spam or junk folders and in the case of gmail, you may need to click “more” and search other spam folders! If you still do not receive your verification code, be sure to take the issue up with Support on the Telegram group. JOIN THE TELEGRAM GROUP BY CLICKING HERE


By clicking the registration link, you will only need to enter two fields:

  1. A username
  2. An Email

Do not enter capitals nor spaces in your username

Ensure you enter your email address correctly.

Once entered, simply click “Get verification code.”

Check your email, including your junk folder and you will find an email like this:

Your Hyperfund Global App Verification Code

Hello (The username you selected will be shown)

This is your verification code for register :


This code is valid for 10 minutes.

Thank you!

Hyperfund Global Team

If you enter your code correctly, you will automatically be taken to the next screen where you must select your password and confirm it.

NOTE: Do not copy and paste the code, type it,

After selecting your password and your code has been entered correctly, you will automatically be taken to the blank login screen where you can enter your username and password to gain access to your account.

Check your email and you will receive a welcome letter like this:

[Welcome to Hyperfund Global !] 2020-08-20 20:51:12(HKT)


We are so happy to have you on board!

Together with HyperCommunity, and the Hyperfund Global platform, HyperTech Group strives to disrupt entire industries by pioneering the world’s most comprehensive digital finance ecosystem and transform the world economy.

Are you ready to be inspired?

Hyperfund Global Team

This is an automated message. Please do not reply.

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Once registered, the next this you have to do is fund your account.

In order to do this, you will need an exchange that trades USDT (Tether), the US Dollar based crypto and we provide two options for you on our Utility page, Altcoin and Kraken.

Once you have acquired your USDT, you are set to fund your account.

The adjacent video describes the process.



As you log in, the first screen you see is this one.

If you have invested $300 with a 3 times return, you need to click on the symbol to the right of (Pending Rewards (HU))


Join this group for all your News updates and Admin Support. For Admin support, direct message Luther or Owen on the group and they will gladly help you.

Let’s take a $300 contract as an example.

By clicking on the symbol, the balance of your rewards will be displayed.

As the account is funded, the dash shows the amount due to you.

In this case, the amount is 900 HU.

1 HU = 1 USD

Hyperfund uses the symbol HU which basically means 1 USD.

HyperFund pays 0.5% = $1.50, so the next day, you see $1.50 in your earnings, and your balance due shows $898.50.

When your income reaches $50, and your balance is $850, you have the option of taking the money out or you can “re-buy” and that $50 then ALSO multiples by 3 and INCREASES YOUR BOND BY $150.

It takes 33 days to reach the first $50.

The amount due to you now becomes $1 000 for which you still get paid 0.5% which is $1.75.

You now get to $50 in 28 days! 

If you never withdraw but continue to re-invest every $50, which adds $150 to your total, you are eventually earning $50 every two days until, after only 600 days, (1 year and 8 months) you will have $11 375 that you can withdraw!



STEP 4 – How to Use your app / dashboard

STEP 5 – How To Withdraw Your Rewards

Step 1 – Transfer to Financial

  1. Go to Profile section (Bottom right-hand corner)

  2. Click “Transfer.”

  3. Select “Transfer to Wallet.”

  4. Click “Offset” and select “Financial” on the menu.

  5. Enter the amount of HU you want to transfer.

  6. Confirm the transaction.

Step 2 – Exchange HU for MOF

  1. Click on “Exchange.”

  2. Enter the amount of HU you want to exchange for MOF.

  3. Enter Your transaction Password.

Step 3 – Withdraw to Exchange.

  1. Make sure you have your deposit address from your HOO account copied to your clipboard.

  2. Click on “Withdraw.”

  3. Paste your HOO Deposit Address in the required field.

  4. Enter the amount of MOF that you want to withdraw.

  5. Enter your transaction password.

  6. Enter the verification code sent to your email address.

Step 4 – Exchange your MOF for USDT.

Bonus – How to use the “Merge Function”

Learn how to use the “merge function” properly so you can co-ordinate multiple accounts.

NOTE: To increase your earnings potential, you might want to set up more than one account as there are no restrictions on the number of accounts you can have.

By understanding the compensation plan and structuring it correctly, you can earn higher % daily rewards i.e. between 15% and 30%.


Download your own copies of the 3 x basic PDF presentations here:


Buy, Sell and Trade!

You need to have an account on an exchange that trades USDT (Tether) and we highly recommend Binance:

  1. They are the worlds biggest crypto exchange.
  2. You can deposit Rand.
  3. You can buy USDT and transfer directly to Hyper Capital in one stop.
  4. The Hyper Capital CEO, Ryan Xu is the major shareholder.

Click here to register with Binance


10 JUNE 2020 – click

HyperCapital uses convertible Bond as rewards

What is Convertible Bond? Do you know it has been used for over 150 years in business!

Promo Videos Available

Sample Hyper Capital Digital Finance Eco System

Google Drive Resource

Click here to download some useful resources, Videos and PDF Documents


Before investing your hard earned money it is important to do your due diligence on what you getting involved in. Here are some links that I found useful to ensure that this is a legitimate opportunity backed by the technological giants.

You can copy and paste these links into your browser or click on them

  • Proof of Association with the Australian Government

  • Company Profiles, ASIC registration and any public financial records of the 4 companies behind this alliance:


  • Proof that “Blockchain Global” incubated a Multi-Billion Dollar Blockchain project

  • Academic Publication proving High Level Partnerships with Collinstar Capital

  • Proof of Collaboration with Southwest China Government & Collinstar’s Massive $300 Million Blockchain Fund

  • Proof of Partnership with HCASH Foundation & Collinstar Capital