The credibility of HyperFund is unmatched by ANYONE in the crypto/blockchain industry. 

The HyperTech Group comprises four industry-leading Blockchain companies, namely:

Blockchain Global

These three companies power the HyperCommunity ecosystem: the world’s largest Blockchain community.  Funded by crypto industry giants with the aim of putting its members’ digital assets to work to generate daily rewards and provide an array of excellent passive income opportunities into the future, CollinStar, Blockchain Global, and HCash provide the community with world-class support, vast resources, a world-class tech team, funding and access to their proprietary market-making system.


Was established in 2015 and is one of the world’s leading blockchain and cryptocurrency investment firms. It enjoys the support of both the Australian and Chinese governments and has offices in Hong Kong and Australia.

Blockchain Global

Was founded in 2014 as a finance company specializing in Mergers and Acquisitions and Investment and Tech Incubation. Since its inception, it has funded more than 80 successful start-ups with a total investment of over US$300 million. It has a global presence with more than 500 employees and 23 offices around the world. It has publicly listed 5 companies on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, ASX, and NASDAQ. The company works with some of the largest  Government organizations and multinational corporations including the World Economic Forum, United Nations,  Amazon Web Services,  FinTech Australia, and  Microsoft.


Is a strategic partner and is widely regarded as the most technologically-advanced Blockchain and crypto project in the world. A decentralised and open-source cross-platform cryptocurrency, it’s designed to facilitate the exchange of information between blockchains and non-blockchain networks and is a highly secure network featuring quantum-resistant signature technology. It’s listed on over 16 top global exchanges including Binance, Okex, Bithumb and ZB and is funded by Government organisations and a number of the world’s top global Blockchain research universities.

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